Research Capabilities

Our mission is to deliver high quality data to clients on a wide range of trial types and designs. We commonly work with corn, soybeans, and wheat but trials can be conducted on other crops upon request. We typically conduct small plot experiments where experimental units are 10 feet wide and 30 to 40 feet in length, but trial size and design can be customized to fit any needs. Once data has been collected it can be returned to the client in ARM or excel format. We are happy to provide quotes for any type of trial that an organization may want conducted.



Clients are constantly coming up with new application methods and timings to test their products and CBAS is happy to design new equipment configurations to meet those needs. Our basic services include but are not limited to in-furrow, variety, seed treatment, broadcast application, targeted/dribbled application, and soil fertility trials. The experienced staff at CBAS also conducts a wide variety of crop protection trials including herbicide, fungicide, insecticide and nematicide efficacy. We can accurately apply test substances or fertility programs on an experimental unit (plot) level. CBAS also has experience conducting trials with anhydrous ammonia.

Agronomic Data

There is almost a limitless number of ways to observe and quantify agronomic data in a trial and we do our best at CBAS to collect the data in a way that best fits the trial type and expectations of the client. Accurate yield data is provided back in a timely fashion and we strive to meet all deadlines set by our clients. We also provide a robust range of plant and soil sampling options. From small leaves to whole plants we can collect the sample for any given timing and return it to the lab of your choice.